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Here are some of collaborations I’ve done with some AMAZING brands!

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Hanukkah Decorating with Michaels

Snoo Bassinet for SNOO

PJ Library Brand Ambassador

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Did you know that @PJLibrary sends Jewish books (and other adorable things, like this apron 🥰) to kids from 6 months to 11 years old?! That means if you're raising a child who you want to share Jewish books with you should sign up, and it's free! Our books from PJ Library have made a huge impact on our lives because they've given me a toolkit of ideas to share with my boys all about Jewish life. The books, like my son's favorite 'I Can Help' by David Hyde Costello, are totally modern with beautiful illustrations and are great touch points for talking about Jewish values. My favorites are the Jewish holiday books though because as you know I'm totally obsessed with celebrating 🥳 ! You can sign up for PJ Library by clicking the link in my bio. This month we even received this ADORABLE apron which as you can see was as much fun to play with as cook with! . And with Hanukkah just around the corner, PJ Library also offers a crash course in traditions for the Festival of Lights with an Easy Hanukkah Guide: recipes, gifts and activities for each night. Whether you grew up celebrating Hanukkah or are building traditions with your own family, PJ Library has resources and books for you! . A program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, PJ Library sends families expertly curated, age-appropriate Jewish children’s books each month at no cost to subscribers. The books encourage parents to share and explore Jewish values, ideas, and traditions with their children. Click the link in my bio for free books, parenting resources, and activities to help your whole family learn, create and play together far beyond story time. . #pjlibrary #lovetoread #raisingreaders #childhoodliterarcy #hanukkah #chanukkah #chanukah #jewish #judaism #jewishmom #jewishfamily #jewishblogger #youtubemama #lovetoread #raisingreaders

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Miller Program with American Jewish University

WILLOW BREAST PUMP REVIEW (collaboration with Willow)

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It’s a pumping life for me! If you’ve been following along on my #breastfeeding journey you’ll know that, like my boobs, there has been a lot of changes over the years 😂! One thing I know from my 18 month #extendedbreastfeeding journey with my older son is that for me pumping is by far the most time consuming, frustrating, and anxiety inducing part of the job. So now that we’re on month eight with my younger son I had all but given up on pumping. With a toddler running around and low supply from previously undiagnosed #postpartumhypothyroidism I just used formula to supplement when I couldn’t nurse. So when @willowpump asked if I wanted to try their pump I almost cried. I was so excited to use a pump that actually changed the reality of pumping for women. Somebody finally thought about what it’s actually like and made it SO MUCH BETTER. This isn’t an ad, I just am so supportive of a product that is making breastfeeding easier and better for women. A truly hands free option means I can actually LIVE MY LIFE (cuddling my dog 🐶 💕included!) while I pump. I don’t need to be segregated in private half naked trapped to a machine (sorry to be dramatic but this is how it felt to me). There aren’t a million tiny parts to wash and the app measuring the milk outflow means I don’t need to sit and stare at the slow drip the whole time. In the end this has meant I can pump instead of using formula which for me has been really hard to get back to after three months of this being our reality (***i of course support all feeding choices this was just what I wanted!). Thank you @willowpump and check out my full review up on my YouTube channel 🌟 link in bio! . . . #gifted #thewillow #breastpump #breastpumping #babyregistry #mommyblogger #youtubemommy #normalizebreastfeeding #willowmom #liquidgold #withwillow #pumpingmom #nursingmom #breastfeedingishard #breastfeedingjourney #realmotherhood #rawmotherhood #breastfeedinginpublic #lifewithbaby

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ErgoBaby Stroller Review for ErgoBaby

OLLIE Pet Food Review (collaboration with Ollie)

DECORATE WITH ME FOR HANUKKAH (collaboration with Peace Love Light)


(collaborating with Imperfect Foods)

ELEGANT ENTERTAINING FOR SHABBAT (collaborating with AnnieGlass)

PLAN WITH ME FOR THE JEWISH HOLIDAYS (collaboration with Erin Condren)

SageMamas – Brand Ambassador

Sugarfina Collaboration

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