Expecting Jewish! (Non-Fiction 2020)

From conception to birth, Expecting Jewish! is a how-to guide that focuses on preparing for motherhood from a Jewish perspective. It covers everything from the practicalities of planning a bris to the mysticism of the mikvah. The book shares an unfiltered perspective on what to really expect during this stage of life, with advice from real moms who have lived through it. Interviews from rabbis and social media game-changers in the Jewish community also offer insight on what’s trending and what’s changing for Jewish women today when it comes to motherhood.

The book includes interviews from the following leaders in the Jewish community:

Maharat Ruth Balinsky Friedman, Ohev Shalom Synagogue, Washington, D.C.
Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin
Rabbi Sara Brandes, Executive Director at the Or HaLev: Center for Jewish Spirituality and Meditation; Shechinah Counsel, At the Well
Gila Block, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Yesh Tikva
Carrie Bornstein, Executive Director, Mayyim Hayyim
Rabbi Jaclyn Cohen, Temple Isaiah, West Los Angeles
Dalia Davis, President, Uprooted: A Jewish Response to Fertility Journeys
Anita Diamant, Author
Elana Frank, Executive Director and Founder of the Jewish Fertility Foundation
Rabbi Dara Frimmer, Temple Isaiah, West Los Angeles
Dr. Jayne Guberman & Jenny Sartori, co-Directors of the Adoption & Jewish Identity Project
Rabbi Danielle Gobuty Eskow, President and Founder of OnlineJewishLearning.com
Rabbi and Doula Denise Handlarski of SecularSyngagogue.com
Hillary Kener, Director, National Outreach and Marketing at JScreen
Na’amah Wendy Kenin, the founding doula of Imeinu Doulas and Jewish Birth Collective
Joel Kushner, Director, Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health
Dr. Lori Lefkovitz, PhD, Ruderman Professor of Jewish Studies and Humanities Center Director at Northeastern University
Rabbi Naomi Levy
Rabbi Myrna Matsa
Rabbi Idit Solomon, Founder and CEO of Hasidah
Rabbi Shira Stutman, Senior Rabbi, Sixth and I Synagogue Washington, D.C.
Sarah Waxman, Founder, At The Well
Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt, Temple Bnai Tzedek, Potomac Maryland

…and interviews with more than 50 real Jewish moms who have been through it all!

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So today is a big #milestone today because I hit 50K on my book draft 🎉🌟🎉 and that was the minimum word count I wanted to get to before starting to edit and polish which could almost double the draft size (but hopefully not!) 😂. I was actually writing one of my favorite sections of the book when I hit it and thought I would share it with you. In the chapter about preparing for what it means to be a mom I give my personal Top 5️⃣ list of what to me makes a good mom (and a good #Jewishmom) so here it is (the unedited version) let me know what’s on your list! #ShabbatShalom 💐 💕1️⃣ Always be kind. No matter how many times you’ve asked your child to please please get in their carseat, no matter how many times you’ve counted to “five” before you have to leave the park, not matter how many times you’ve pleaded to the night sky to just let this baby fall asleep, they are so very little and the world is so very big and they are trying their best just to figure it out, just like you are, so try to always be kind. 💕2️⃣ Be silly. A baby will pretty much laugh at anything and being open, relaxed and just silly is a way of showing that they can trust you and you are safe together. 💕3️⃣ Live in the moment. Children are the absolute best at this and adults with phones glued to their palms are the absolute worst. The truth is you won’t be building lego towers or having tea parties for long, these little games are infinitely important to your child and if you don’t participate in them when you have the chance, that chance will be gone forever (dramatic much? I know! 💕4️⃣ Share a love of learning. Wherever we go, from the grocery store to a stroller walk we are always learning. I talk to my son about what we see and share everything I know with him. I know he’ll get the basics in kindergarten but I love telling him something new and hearing him share it back to me. 💕5️⃣ Share a love of Judaism. From Shabbat times to holiday celebrations I invest my time and energy in sharing Jewish activities with him because I believe it’s a gift. Wherever his faith goes as he grows at least I’ve given him the option to believe in something bigger. 💕💙💕 #jewishmom #jewishauthor #ExpectingJewish

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Can’t even believe I get to share this news with you guys today…MY BOOK IS GETTING PUBLISHED!!!!! If you’ve been following along here for a while you’ll know I have been working away at a book I feel extremely passionate about for almost a year now. I began writing it never for one second believing I could actually get it published. Not because I didn’t believe in the idea but because as a first time writer without a literary agent or connections in the biz it is really really REALLY hard. I was excited to self publish the book and after deciding to commit to this project I spent every spare moment I had writing. Mostly at night and the weekends but finding time and energy was not hard because it was truly a labor of love. When I had a pretty solid draft a few months ago a friend put me in touch with the author of “Jewish Daughter Diaries: True Stories of being Loved Too Much by Our Moms” Rachel Ament and that conversation changed everything for me. She taught me about rejection and how EVERY writer, no matter how brilliant and talented they are have to face hundreds of rejections before getting a yes from a publisher. There’s even a goal in the writing world of aiming for 1,000 rejections a year because that means you’re putting your writing out there enough to get enough positive responses. I had been too afraid of rejection to even try before that conversation. I also was SO inspired by @missmayim and her thoughtful strong opinions as an author to find my voice and stick to it. So, here I am, with a signed book deal in my hand (well, on my computer) and a TON of rejection emails there too knowing that as Chloe from Dance Moms said when she won her Teen Choice Award 😂😍😂 “to anyone who has ever been told that they can’t do it, that they shouldn’t do it, or that they aren’t good enough, ignore it, do it anyways and prove them wrong.” HUGE thanks to everyone who has cheered me on in this endeavor, I will be sharing updates on here as they come! #writer #booksarecool #jewishmom #jewishbooks #expectingjewish

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