Jewish Superstition Robbed Me of a Happy Baby Homecoming

Even before I became pregnant I knew the rules: Don’t say the baby’s name. Don’t buy anything for the baby. Don’t plan a bris. (God-forbid!) Oh, and don’t talk about what life will be like when the baby arrives. Because, of course, the Evil Eye is always watching and you don’t want to tempt fate.


How to Create a Spiritual Birth Plan

One of the most surprising aspects of Jewish tradition is its absenteeism during childbirth. Although Judaism is rich in prayer and minhag (custom) during almost every other significant life cycle event, there is no religious ritual for women during the birth experience. Maybe it’s because our sages were male or because women aren’t traditionally restricted by the same time-bound mitzvot as men, but as a result we are left with a life-altering experience that can be lacking in spiritual support.



I Sucked at Being Pregnant

I sucked at being pregnant. I’m a pretty fantastic mother, but for f*cks sake I sucked at becoming one. It took me two solid tries, the first of which I failed at 5 months in, and the second of which I just barely survived with a labor and delivery that left me with a hairline fracture on a bone in my spine, a ‘frozen’ bladder and some 2nd degree tearing in the netherbits.  In total I survived 11 months (5 with my first pregnancy and 6 with my second) of severe nausea. Through the months of recovery that followed the slightly traumatic birth I was often struck by the dichotomy of how lucky I was to have this most perfect lovely baby and how unlucky I had been getting him here.


Being Rich, Famous and Happy Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Depressed

There’s a core assumption in this week’s news that money buys happiness, and let’s go along with that for a moment, there’s also a second statement being made here that I find even more aggravating – that happiness and depression can’t co-exist. The happiness that wealth affords, and even the comfort that a supportive family and friend network can give you is not always enough to combat the all encompassing aspects of depression.


Slow Storm

What happens when hurricanes get stuck? In the midst of a hurricane, rain can feel different. Without electricity or a view of the sun, time changes for the people trapped inside. Torrential rainfall around your home is surreal. Drops can begin to seep in through cracks in the ceiling and windows, and then under the doors. In late August 2017, the residents of Houston, Texas knew it was going to rain.They didn’t think their city would drown.


Weird Weather – NOAA Satellites Keep Watch When Weather Gets Weird

From thundersnow to upwards striking lightning, weather on Planet Earth can get pretty weird and NOAA’s fleet of satellites has seen it all!


The NOAA Satellites Dating Game: Be Our Valentine!

In celebration of Valentine’s Day we have hearts in our eyes as we think about our amazing satellites.  They each have unique global mapping, atmospheric, weather and environmental sensing abilities. Do you know which one would be the best connection for you? Take this dating game quiz and find out!


Does Space Junk Fall from the Sky?

Yes it does! On average, a total of between 200-400 tracked objects enter Earth’s atmosphere every year. That’s about one every day! Thankfully human populations are rarely affected by things falling from the sky (from outer space). This is largely a numbers game. Human populations live on a small percentage of the Earth’s total surface area. So any objects that do not burn up and disintegrate upon atmosphere re-entry are likely to fall into the ocean (which covers over 70% of the surface of the Earth) or a sparsely populated land area.


Zombie Satellites…Should we Fear the Graveyard Orbit of Un-dead Satellites?

If you’re prepared for ghosts, ghouls and goblins this Halloween, you might want to also consider zombies…satellites that is.



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