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You Should Know…Marion Haberman

It seems like nearly everybody has a YouTube channel or blog these days. Marion Haberman has one of each, called MyJewishMommyLife. The 34-year-old Washington resident started YouTubing about raising children in a Conservative Jewish home in 2017. She’s up to 250 videos and has 15,000 subscribers. READ MORE:

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Frontline ER Physician And Stay-At-Home Moms Share Experiences With Pumping In A Health Crisis

If you think things might be easier for a stay-at-home mom, think again! Marion Haberman is the mom of two little boys, 3-year-old Max and 1-year-old Corey.

“I felt like I was just getting into a really nice groove as a mom of two little boys. My 3-year-old was loving his mornings at preschool, and my baby had just turned 1, so those long newborn nights and chaotic days had eased into a nice routine,” Marion shared.

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8 Creative, Affordable, Expert-recommended ways to celebrate Hanukkah

Hanukkah is “a time to focus on giving sustainably,” says Marion Haberman, a YouTube star at My Jewish Mommy Life. “In Judaism, the value of Tikkum Olam [literally, repairing the world] and taking care of the Earth is something that’s really important in our home, and lot of other Jewish homes. I think Hanukkah is a really good time to talk about that, and to give in a way that echoes that meaningful value in our life.” READ MORE:

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USCJ Announces 2019 Winners of Shoshana S. Cardin Award

December 8th, 2019 (New York, NY) — USCJ has announced that Marion Haberman and Valerie Weisler are the 2019 winners of the Shoshana S. Cardin Leadership award, which will be presented at USCJ’s General Assembly of kehillot during the 20/20 Judaism convention on Sunday, December 8th. This year’s Cardin award winners were chosen because of their widespread positive impact on mental health and social justice, and for promoting the values of authentic and dynamic Judaism. There are two award categories – one for those age 30 and above, and one for ages 18-30. Winners receive a cash stipend and opportunities to connect with other emerging Jewish leaders from across North America through USCJ and its network of synagogues. READ MORE:

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13 Jewish Moms on Instagram Who Just Get It

We at Kveller recently brought you our favorite Jewish mom influencers — the people we love to follow on Instagram.

Now it’s time to turn the spotlight to some not-quite influencers — incredible women who may have less than 10,000 followers, but who are using their Instagram platforms in interesting and exciting ways.

Read about these 13 incredible Jewish moms, below, and follow them immediately! READ MORE:  “13 Jewish Moms on Instagram Who Just Get It”


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