These are my favorite 2020 baby names from the Bible! These Biblical baby names are unique rare and beautiful! These are also Hebrew names from the Torah. This video is a COLLAB with the lovely Erika Moulton, you can check out her baby name video here : https://youtu.be/e6CPGevwkys SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this https://goo.gl/4t88MD !


These are the BEST mom hacks for tacking care of your baby or toddler in the Summer! Summertime is so much fun for babies but it can be a lot of work for parents so I hope these tips tricks DIY hacks and real life tested recommendations help you and your baby enjoy the summer! SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this https://goo.gl/4t88MD ! FOLLOW along on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/myjewishmommylife



My family lives on the West Coast and I live on the East Coast, so traveling with baby has always been the reality of motherhood for me. I was so excited to get the Ergobaby Compact City Metro Stroller and I know it will be hugely helpful to getting through the airport and going all over the city.

You can shop the Ergobaby Stroller here: https://bit.ly/2zRqv6O and get 10% off the 2020 Metro with my code MJM10 !!!

Here is my full review and unboxing of this light-weight and high-quality stroller.  This is the Ergobaby compact travel stroller, it’s super lightweight, great for travel and city living and really great quality. Check out my full review to see what I liked and what critiques I have.



Size and weight! This stroller is super lightweight at just 13.9 pounds and folds small enough to fit into an overhead compartment on an airplane.

Sleek design. The Metro just feels and looks cool and you can really see the quality of the stroller and its design.

Maneuverability. The stroller handles really smoothly over all the little bumps along the way.

Basket size! For a compact collapsible travel stroller the size of the basket on this stroller is really impressive.


No option for a ride on-board. Our older toddler still likes to jump on the ride-on board every once in a while so it’s a nice accessory on other strollers. I hope one day Ergobaby can add it to the options!

Handle bar is not adjustable. For me this was not an issue but if you are super particular about this test it out before you buy!

Learn more and shop for your Ergobaby stroller here:https://bit.ly/2zRqv6O

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Summer Reading with PJ Library

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 1.23.39 PM

Summer is looking like it’s going to be very long and with no camp or park playdates on the horizon I’m thinking a lot about how we can make these long hot Summer days easier in our home.


I’ve made a little reading nook in my son’s room so that we have a calm cool and quiet place to read each day.  On Fridays we love to read Shabbat books and this one “Wait! It’s Friday” by Chris Barash is our favorite! I also love that it represents a diverse Jewish family which is especially important for our children to see.

You can sign up for your Jewish children to receive their own PJ Library books to be delivered free to your home HERE!

We will also be listening to the PJ Library’s “Have I Got a Story for You!” podcast.   The podcast, which brings classic Jewish folk tales from the page and gives them a modern, fun-filled audio twist, delivers some great new offerings, with a new episode published each Tuesday throughout the month at https://pjlibrary.org/podcast.


Thanks to PJ Library for sponsoring this post!

How to Start a Successful YouTube Mom Channel!

youtube mom

Starting my YouTube mom channel was a dream of mine for YEARS before I actually hit upload on that first video…which is CRAZY! I wish I had just started it then and there and not let my own fears and self-doubt hold me back. I also know so much more now that I’m a few years into my channel and I want to encourage YOU and share all my tips and tricks so that if you’re serious about doing this (and making money $$$) from it you have the best advice.

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1- Small channels rely on ‘search’ to grow.

That means you need to create content that people are searching for. For example, something like ‘What I’m Packing in my Hospital Bag’ is a popular video topic across all mom channels. BUT, if you make a video with this exact title on this exact topic on a new or small channel it will get lost in the millions of other videos that are already online. So…

2- Niche down!

To get those first subscribers to find your content you need to create searchable content that’s also NICHE content. Meaning, someone is looking for it and there aren’t already a million other videos on it. So, instead of just sharing your ‘What I’m Packing in my Hospital Bag’ try…’What I’m Packing for my WATER BIRTH’ or ‘What I’m Packing for my 4th Hospital Birth’. The best part about this is people searching for these topics will want to subscribe to you because you are just what they are looking for.

3- Find your friends!

YouTube is a community and small channels help other small channels grow. Spend time every day searching for other new and small YouTube mom channels, subscribing to them and commenting on their videos. BONUS points if you share their content on their Instagram and follow them on Instagram too. You can’t fake this though, the best connections are meaningful! If you want to know my secret tip to finding other channels the same size as yours click to watch THIS VIDEO HERE.

4- Have some confidence girl!

Everyone starts from zero subscribers and zero views. Before starting my channel I was most worried about my friends and family seeing my channel and thinking it was ‘lame’ because it was so small. That mindset is never going to get you anywhere because you have to start from the beginning.

5- Don’t just vlog!

I mentioned that YouTube is primarily a search algorithm as my first point in this post so you can’t rely on a vlog to bring in traffic at the beginning because people will have a hard time finding your channel. The exception to this is if you have a really compelling or niche family life. So, for example, if you have a really large family, or live on a farm, or whatever other thing is just so compelling people will want to watch you without knowing you then go for it. Otherwise make those lovely family vlogs but make enough content that will come up in search too!

To learn even more watch THIS video on my channel about how to grow from ZERO views and ZERO subscribers!

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