Passover Haggadah for your Pesach Seder!

I’m so excited to share with you my Passover Haggadah, you can purchase the digital download and see more images of this Haggadah for the Passover Seder here:

A beautiful, simple and meaningful Haggadah for your Passover Seder! This Haggadah is perfect for any family looking for a guide to the Pesach (Passover) Seder. The Haggadah will take you through each component of the Seder and is designed so that whether it’s your first time celebrating the holiday or your 120th Passover celebration, the Haggadah will be clear, engaging and make for a special Passover Seder night. The digital download is 22 pages long which you can print at home as many times as you need for each of your guests. This Haggadah was created by Marion @MyJewishMommyLife (MyJewishMommyLife is a YouTube channel and Instagram page sharing Jewish lifestyle inspiration.

Hanukkah Movie Night with Hallmark Channel!

Eight nights of Hanukkah can be a lot with little ones – lots of presents and donuts and late nights…so I like to have a little Hanukkah tradition for just me and my husband and that’s to take one night and watch a movie together. Hot chocolate with lots of gelt is a must! This year there’s a new Hanukkah movie premiering on Hallmark Channel that I am so excited about. It’s called #EightGiftsofHanukkah and stars Inbar Lavi and Jake Epstein. It’s so incredibly meaningful to me for Hanukkah to be included in @HallmarkChannel lineup of 41 all new original movies premiering this holiday season, let me know if you’ll be watching along with me!

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Thank you Hallmark Channel for sponsoring this post!

What My Kids Are Getting for Hanukkah! Hanukkah Gifts for 2 Year Old Boy & 5 Year Old Boy!

The first gift for my boys this year is one I know they will keep and treasure until for so many many Hanukkahs to come, and that is this beautiful train menorah from . Judaica Web Store is the largest online shop for everything Judaica, from jewelry to Jewish art. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for something special like this!

This train menorah is by the artist Yair Emanuel (one of Israel’s top Judaica designers) and is made of anodized steel, in person the color and feel are even more gorgeous than the photos.

Thank you to JudaicaWebStore for gifting us this menorah!
These are our favorite paint sticks! The Crayola Quick Dry Paint Sticks are really fun to color with because they glide on the paper and are super pigmented (they’re kind of like coloring with lipstick!), they are a firm favorite in our house and really great for the 2 year old age on up!
We love magnetic tiles in our house and they are definitely our most played with building toy. They’re super easy to manipulate and the magnets allow for building amazing creations! These ones are the Picasso brand which we’re trying out this year as they’re a little less expensive than the Magnatiles brand we have already.
This is a new one for our family but I’ve seen my boys LOVE these toys at their friends houses so I think these Sit & Bounce balls will be a big hit!
This is an awesome starter pack of really well made Dinosaur toys! They’re really well made so stand up to bath times and outdoor play which is a great bonus.
We love the KidKraft wooden Hanukkah toy sets and this year I’m adding this one to our collection. It’s a little smaller and more affordable but little kids love taking the candles in and out of the Hanukkah menorah!
My kids are obsessed with cars and Toy Story so this year we’re combining those passions with this adorable gift set. If you have kids who like these characters I think these are so fun!
Groovy! We chose this lava lamp for my son because we think it will be a nice relaxing night light for him and a great tool for creating a calm environment at night.
If you have a young reader who enjoys silly humor this Captain Underpants series is perfect! It’s written in comic book form and is highly entertaining to my boys!
We are huge Mickey Mouse and Disney fans here so this year we chose a Lego set to add to our collection that featured our favorite characters. This set is adorable and Lego Duplo is perfect for little ones learning to use that dexterity and strengthen their hands and eye hand coordination.

NEW – Jewish Holiday Calendar – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

A beautiful and easy to reference one-page Jewish calendar available as a digital download. Keep it on your phone or desktop or print it out and display it beautifully in your home. Holidays include all major Jewish holidays from Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah to Purim and Passover. The calendar also includes descriptions of each of the holidays. Click HERE to purchase your copy!

This product was lovingly made by Marion @MyJewishMommyLife who shares her life as a Jewish mom on YouTube and Instagram.

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