Jewish Recipes and Cooking with Kids!


This is one of my favorite kosher food recipes it is for grilled chicken with paprika. I love to cook chicken for Shabbat dinner and this is a go to easy summer recipe idea. The flavor is bangin, 10/10 give it a try! It is spicy though with all that paprika so be warned!

Passover (Pesach)

Here is my best Passover Recipe! Easy, Simple, Kosher Matzo Brei and today I’m showing you how I make it with my son.

Rosh Hashanah

I’m making my easy and fast challah recipe and sharing how I braid challah for Shabbat and how to make a round challah for Rosh Hashanah. I have a bunch of Rosh Hashanah 2017 videos in my series so check them out!


This is the BEST hamentashenrecipe for Purim and Mishloach Manot! This is how to make hamentashen (also called hamentaschen or oznei haman) and how to make RAINBOW hamentashen!! It is delicious simple and so much fun to make!


This is my Shavuot cheesecake recipe made with Biscoff cookies! It’s super simple easy and delicious. Happy kosher cheesecake baking to you! These are mini cheesecakes so they’re adorable.

How to make cheese blintzes, a traditional Jewish recipe from South Africa! These are perfect for Shavuot (Shavuos) and brunch. This recipe comes from my Grandmother and I’ll show you how to make crepes and the cream cheese filling.


This is the BEST latkah, BEST latkes, BEST latka recipe, because these are healthy, easy and simple NO FRY – Baked Latkes!!! This is the best way to make baked delicious latkes! HAPPY HANUKKAH!

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