Summer Declutter MINIMALISM

Thinking about getting started with minimalism? Here are my best tips for how to get started with MINIMALISM! Declutter, live more simply and save money with this beginner’s guide.

These are the 10 things I stopped buying as a minimalist and to save money. Minimalism helps me feel happy in my home and I like that I am saving money too! *PS I did mess up the numbering a little on this one…lol did anyone notice?!

This is my minimalist kid’s closet tour – our minimalist toddler son’s wardrobe closets and dresser / chest of drawers and my tips and tricks for keeping his closet clutter free and organized. I hope you get some good organization, decluttering and minimalist tips from it!

These are my best closet organization tips and tricks and my minmalist closet tour! I have organized and decluttered my closet using the Mari Kondo method and I use the Mari Kondo folding method to keep it clean and tidy.

These are my best life hacks for a clean and organized house! These tips for a clean home have helped us out so much, especially as kids can come with a lot of stuff and a lot of mess!! Minimalism really helps and so do these best secret tips and tricks for keeping your house and home tidy clean organized and neat!

It is time to declutter the junk drawer in my kitchen! I keep my home and kitchen very minimal but sometimes the junk drawer just gets messy, so it’s time to declutter, organize and clean with me!

This is my playroom tour! I am so excited to show you our organization and minimalism choices for this room. My son is one year’s old and we love playing in his race car themed playroom!

This is my baby boy’s Minimalist Nursery Room Tour.  His light blue room is my most favorite in our house. I hope this gives you lots of good nursery planning ideas and inspiration! I try to keep it a calm and peaceful place for him to sleep and also play a little.

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