BIBLICAL BIRTH! with RABBI & DOULA Denise – How to Have a Spiritual, Jewish and Empowered Birth

Today I am sharing one of the most interesting birth topics videos – all about how to have a Jewish, spiritual, and empowered birth! These are all tips to helping women deliver through natural and hypnobirthing techniques if that is what she wants, and or just to make the birth experience more personal, spiritual and fulfilling.Here are all of Rabbi Doula Denise’s links: Jewish Doula: For Rabbi Denise’s full profile and work: SUBSCRIBE for MORE Jewish Mom Content:

My Spiritual Birth Plan

This is my birth plan, but the spiritual side of it! It’s a Jewish pregnancy plan but adaptable to any religion or spiritual feelings you have. Check out Danielle’s video on Spiritual Pregnancy right here: and her channel Danielle Gets It Done! SUBSCRIBE for MORE Jewish Mom Content:

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