Baby Led Weaning Recipe – Healthy and Nutritious Meal Ideas for Baby

This is my favorite baby led weaning recipe for my 10 month old baby. It is super healthy and nutritious – the only ingredients are kale, spinach, cheese and eggs! It is a quick recipe and is easy to make. The best part is my baby loves it and I love watching him enjoy healthy foods.

What’s in My Diaper Bag?! LuluLemon Bag

This is my diaper bag review where I show you all of my diaper bag essentials. I found a super lightweight and easy to use diaper bag that I absolutely love! It’s a LuluLemon diaper bag, actually a LuluLemon gym bag, but it works great for me. This video has all the things I keep in my diaper bag or changing bag for my baby boy.

ROSH HASHANAH – Rosh Hashanah Craft with Kids Ideas!

My Rosh Hashanah 2017 series continues and today I’m making some super easy, inexpensive fall crafts to celebrate the holiday. Apples dipped in honey is a theme of Rosh Hashanah because we hope for a sweet new year so these apple crafts are perfect for getting ready for the Jewish New Year!

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