How to get pregnant, the Jewish way! These are the ancient Jewish secrets on how to get pregnant fast and how Jewish women have been praying for and creating new life for thousands of years.

You can find more info on my book‘Expecting Jewish! A Millennial Mom’s Practical Guide to How Judaism Can be a Blessing to new Moms and Moms-to-be’ here! 


The #Jewish holiday of #Purim is almost here and I’m sharing 10 interesting facts about the holiday – including why we celebrate Purim, some of the more #spiritual and aspects of the holiday and what the meaning behind the story is and where God is in the story. SUBSCRIBE for MORE Jewish Mom Content:

Making a GIANT Hamentashen for Purim with PJ Library!

We read our PJ Library book all about hamentashen baking and decided to make our own, this time we made GIANT hamentashen! We love getting our PJ Library books in the mail every month – and we love when they include additional surprises! This month PJ Library sent us a gift to give – a do it yourself mishloach manot, or Purim gift basket kit. We’re so excited to make our own gifts to share this Purim.   Learn more about PJ Library and sign up to receive your own books here:


The Jewish holiday of Tu Bishvat – the birthday of the trees – is here and I’m sharing 10 facts about the holiday! I’m talking about what IS Tu bishvat, what the holiday signifies, what customs are associated with Tu bishvat and how to celebrate as well as some more spiritual sides of the meaning behind our connection with trees and nature. #Tubishvat #Jewish #Jewishholiday SUBSCRIBE for MORE Jewish Mom Content:

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