NEW – Jewish Holiday Calendar – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

A beautiful and easy to reference one-page Jewish calendar available as a digital download. Keep it on your phone or desktop or print it out and display it beautifully in your home. Holidays include all major Jewish holidays from Rosh Hashanah and Hanukkah to Purim and Passover. The calendar also includes descriptions of each of the holidays. Click HERE to purchase your copy!

This product was lovingly made by Marion @MyJewishMommyLife who shares her life as a Jewish mom on YouTube and Instagram.

Hanukkah 2020 Gift Guide

It’s my annual gift guide and this year I’m so excited to share all my best recommendation for Hanukkah gifts! All the links are below and you can watch my video below for a full review!

*If you’re looking for my ‘Kid’s Hanukkah Gift Guide’ CLICK HERE!

3D Painted Art from Israel – 10% Discount with Code JEWISHMOMMY Check out how the paintings are made!

LevHaolam Gift Box – 30% Discount off your first Package

What really takes this above and beyond just a lovingly chosen gift is that all of the companies Lev Haolam supports are all local Jewish small business owners pioneering their companies in struggling areas, by making large orders from them. You can support these families through the Surprise Monthly Package Project and receive monthly packages filled with goods produced by the families and small businesses of Judea and Samaria.

Hanukkah Mug

Coffee Tumbler

Voluspa Candles

Homesick Candle

The Sabbath Book

Hygge Book

Cozy Book

Personalized Photo Books

Personalized Jewelry

Modern Comfort Food by Ina Garten

Follow Along on Instagram Please note the links below are affiliate and some products have been gifted!

And lots MORE Hanukkah Inspiration HERE!

Jewish Mourning Rituals – Death in Judaism, Shiva, Funerals & Traditions

In today’s video I’m talking with Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz about what you can expect if you’re attending a Jewish funeral or going to a house where the family is sitting Shiva. He shares with me what to say to Jewish mourners, what the funeral and cemetery look like and what happens there and then we talk a little bit about the Jewish spiritual philosophy about what happens when we die. Thank you so much to Rabbi Berkowitz of B’nai Israel Congregation for your help on this video! SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this !

In today’s video I’m sharing some of the meaning and rituals behind Jewish practices around death and mourning. Every aspect of bereavement is considered with thought and blessing in Judaism and I wanted to share those traditions with. These will also be helpful if you lost a loved one or attending a funeral or shiva for someone who has died. I also speak about the Jewish view of the afterlife and if Jews believe in Heaven and Hell. SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this !

How to Convert to Judaism

Jewish Conversion Series

This Summer I’m sharing a series of videos all about converting to Judaism and I’m kicking it off with this first episode all about HOW to convert to Judaism. I’m sharing a basic overview of the conversion process and what Jewish conversion looks like. I share lots of videos about being Jewish and a mom on this channel so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this !

This Summer I’m sharing a series of videos all about converting to Judaism and this video covers what you should consider when deciding if you should convert to Judaism for marriage or for your partner! I’m sharing the inside info other people won’t tell you!

I’m sharing a series of videos all about converting to Judaism and in this video I’m asking Rabbi Adam Greenwald – an expert of Jewish conversion – all YOUR questions about conversion. Rabbi Greenwald is sharing all the information you have been wanting to know. This video is sponsored by the Miller Program. #ad

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