How to Convert to Judaism – Summer Series

This Summer I’m sharing a series of videos all about converting to Judaism and I’m kicking it off with this first episode all about HOW to convert to Judaism.

I’m sharing a basic overview of the conversion process and what Jewish conversion looks like. I share lots of videos about being Jewish and a mom on this channel so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more !


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in this video I’m asking Rabbi Adam Greenwald – an expert of Jewish conversion – all YOUR questions about conversion. Rabbi Greenwald is sharing all the information you have been wanting to know. This video is sponsored by the Miller Program. #ad #Jewish #conversion #Judaism

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What Are the MOST Important Hebrew Words in the Torah?

Learn Hebrew words from the Torah with these 5 easy #Hebrew and #Jewish words that you can learn with me! To me these are the most important words words in the Torah and I want to share them with you. What do you think are the most important words in the Bible to you? Either in Hebrew or English I’d love to know! Apologies for not having the text on screen please find the words here: Bereisheet, Shemah, Yisrael, Mitzvot, Mitzrayim SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this !


The #Jewish holiday of #Purim is almost here and I’m sharing 10 interesting facts about the holiday – including why we celebrate Purim, some of the more #spiritual and aspects of the holiday and what the meaning behind the story is and where God is in the story. SUBSCRIBE for MORE Jewish Mom Content:

Making a GIANT Hamentashen for Purim with PJ Library!

We read our PJ Library book all about hamentashen baking and decided to make our own, this time we made GIANT hamentashen! We love getting our PJ Library books in the mail every month – and we love when they include additional surprises! This month PJ Library sent us a gift to give – a do it yourself mishloach manot, or Purim gift basket kit. We’re so excited to make our own gifts to share this Purim.   Learn more about PJ Library and sign up to receive your own books here:

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