Jewish Mourning Rituals – Death in Judaism, Shiva, Funerals & Traditions

In today’s video I’m talking with Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz about what you can expect if you’re attending a Jewish funeral or going to a house where the family is sitting Shiva. He shares with me what to say to Jewish mourners, what the funeral and cemetery look like and what happens there and then we talk a little bit about the Jewish spiritual philosophy about what happens when we die. Thank you so much to Rabbi Berkowitz of B’nai Israel Congregation for your help on this video! SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this !

In today’s video I’m sharing some of the meaning and rituals behind Jewish practices around death and mourning. Every aspect of bereavement is considered with thought and blessing in Judaism and I wanted to share those traditions with. These will also be helpful if you lost a loved one or attending a funeral or shiva for someone who has died. I also speak about the Jewish view of the afterlife and if Jews believe in Heaven and Hell. SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this !

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