Activities for Little Kids! At-Home Indoor Easy DIY Entertainment for Toddlers and Preschoolers – CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL HELP

If you are at home with little ones in quarantine or staying home and practicing social distancing these ideas can help. These At-Home Indoor Easy DIY entertainment ideas for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers help develop independent play and learning!

How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus from PBS Kids

This link includes FREE full episodes of Daniel Tiger & Sesame Street shows that talk about germs and getting sick:

FREE Jewish books for kids & lots of activity ideas @ PJ Library:

HOW TO ENTERTAIN A TODDLER! 10 At-Home Easy Activities for 1 Year Olds!

Products Mentioned:

50 Rubber Ducks*

Kid Pool (similar)*

Swell Water Bottle*

Recipe for Playdough

1 cup flour

1 cup water

2 tsp cream of tarter

1/3 cup salt

1 TBS vegetable oil

gel food coloring

In a small pot mix together the ingredients then cook over low / medium heat and keep stirring the entire time, it will start to thicken, when it does add the food coloring. Then when it is no longer wet, spoon it onto some wax paper to cool for 30 minutes. Knead with your hands and then you can give it to your kids to play! Store in the refrigerator in an airtight container.Store in an airtight container in the fridge! Recipe for Moon Sand 2 cups flour 1/4 cup oil chalk for color Mix the oil and flour and stir until it starts to come together. Crush chalk and add it for color.

STORY TIME READ ALOUD!! Mom Reads Our Favorite Kids Books!

BEST BABY TOYS 12 – 18 MONTHS OLD! My Toddler Boy’s Favorite toys!

BEST BABY TOYS 6 – 12 MONTHS OLD! My Baby Boy’s Favorite toys!


How to Entertain a Baby in WINTER Rain or Snow Day! & Best SCHEDULE for a 1 Year Old!



 BEST TOYS for a Two Year Old!

TARGET $ Dollar Spot 2 YEAR OLD LEARNING ACTIVITIES – For Toddlers & Preschool!!!

BEST BOOKS for Babies & Toddlers – Learning Language and Speech Development!

Also, every day on Instagram I will sharing what we get up to and any activity ideas I have that you might want to try at home.

My Favorite Independent Play & Learning Toys

Wobble Board

Grimms Rainbow


Tegu Blocks

Hape Snail

Mesh bags (for organizing toys!)

Things to Buy for Sensory Play

Sensory Bin

Water Beads


Moon Dirt – 2 cups flour 1/4 cup oil + crushed chalk for color

Animal Hunt – rice, beans, popcorn and small animals

‘Under the Sea’ Foam Party with PJ Library

You can find more PJ Library ideas and sign up for your own books here:

SCIENCE ACTIVITY: ‘Float Your Boat’ 

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Make a City –  marker on butcher paper


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This week we are filming ‘Science at Home for Preschoolers’ and will be sharing ideas including these ones:

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Making a GIANT Hamentashen for Purim with PJ Library!

We read our PJ Library book all about hamentashen baking and decided to make our own, this time we made GIANT hamentashen! We love getting our PJ Library books in the mail every month – and we love when they include additional surprises! This month PJ Library sent us a gift to give – a do it yourself mishloach manot, or Purim gift basket kit. We’re so excited to make our own gifts to share this Purim.   Learn more about PJ Library and sign up to receive your own books here:

What I Got My Kids for Hanukkah!

In today’s video I’m sharing what I got my kids for Hanukkah, everything linked here! I hope this gift guide gives you some ideas if you’re looking for present ideas for babies, toddlers and preschoolers! I have a 9 month old baby and 3 year old boy and this is what they’re getting for Hanukkah!


If you’re wondering what is the Willow breast pump and if the Willow is worth the money or how it’s different from other non hands-free pumps, how the mobile app works etc. then this video will help you out! Learn more about the Willow and buy yours here (affiliate):

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It’s a pumping life for me! If you’ve been following along on my #breastfeeding journey you’ll know that, like my boobs, there has been a lot of changes over the years 😂! One thing I know from my 18 month extended breastfeeding journey with my older son is that for me pumping is by far the most time consuming, frustrating, and anxiety inducing part of the job.

So now that we’re on month eight with my younger son I had all but given up on pumping. With a toddler running around and low supply from previously undiagnosed postpartum hypothyroidism I just used formula to supplement when I couldn’t nurse.

So when @willowpump asked if I wanted to try their pump I almost cried. I was so excited to use a pump that actually changed the reality of pumping for women. Somebody finally thought about what it’s actually like and made it SO MUCH BETTER. This isn’t an ad, I just am so supportive of a product that is making breastfeeding easier and better for women. A truly hands free option means I can actually LIVE MY LIFE (cuddling my dog 🐶 💕included!) while I pump.

I don’t need to be segregated in private half naked trapped to a machine (sorry to be dramatic but this is how it felt to me). There aren’t a million tiny parts to wash and the app measuring the milk outflow means I don’t need to sit and stare at the slow drip the whole time. In the end this has meant I can pump instead of using formula which for me has been really hard to get back to after three months of this being our reality (***I of course support all feeding choices this was just what I wanted!).

Completely mobile and hands-free. Totally life-changing. Willow® Wearable Breast Pump. Shop now!

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