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Father’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas!

For all the amazing dads out there, here is my list of my husband’s favorite gifts!

They’re all easily available from Amazon and range in price from less than $10 to $100.

Ok here we go!

Super Hero Dad Book

This is our favorite ‘Dad’ book and tells the story of a little boy who thinks his dad is a superhero. It’s lovable and adorable and a little emotional for any dad to read to his kid.

Extra Long Charging Chord

For the dad who’s phone is always on 10% this extra long charging cable is a must!
Race on my Back Shirt

This shirt is such an amazing idea! Dad gets to lie down and the kids can race cars on his back, which means a free nap and massage lol!
Range Finder

For the golfing pro dad who wants to improve his game and accuracy this range finder is the perfect gift.

Scotch Cubes

For the sophisticated scotch drinker, these ice cube trays make super large sized cubes which take a longer time too melt.

Car Vacuum

This inexpensive gadget is portable and has a USB charger so it fits in the car. It’s perfect for the dad who loves his car but not the car seat crumbs or just the neat freak dad. It’s one of our all time favorite buys!

Stacking Tool Box

This tool box is part of an awesome system of interlocking and stacking toolboxes so dad’s collection can grow and grow! They’re also built super tough strong and long lasting.

Packing Cubes

For the organized dad who likes to travel these packing cubes are the absolute best and the most affordable.

The Ridge Wallet

This super streamlined wallet is all dad needs to keep things light. It’s pricey at $85 but long lasting durable and made of high quality lightweight material.

Celebrate Passover / Pesach with MyJewishMommyLife

Here are my videos all about the Jewish holiday of Passover / Pesach where I’m sharing how me and my family celebrate with food, recipes, customs and traditions. There is lots of information and helpful tips for planning and hosting a Passover Seder!

Ultimate Passover Cheat Sheet – Seder Table and Grocery Checklist – FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

You Can Download my FREE Haggadah to use for your Seder here: MyJewishMommyLife Haggadah

FREE Jewish books for kids & TONS of Passover Activities and Ideas @ PJ Library: http://bit.ly/34jz3gT

Answering the Most Asked Questions about Passover

CELEBRATING PASSOVER 2021!!! (Haul + Food and Seder Plate!)

Link to my Seder Plate: Search LASER CUT VINE MATZAH TRAY here: http://moderntribe.com?aff=67
Sign Up for DAYS UNITED HOLIDAY BOXES $10 OFF http://fbuy.me/rka5Q
Matzah Cover and many other beautiful Passover items* https://peacelovelightshop.com?sca_ref=53709.5JNZOWxp15 Use code JEWISHMOMMYLIFE 10% off the entire order + free shipping over $50

Celebrate Passover Under Quarantine 2020 with Me! VLOG:


SEDER AT HOME – First Time Tips & Making it Work with What You Have!



CELEBRATE PASSOVER! How to Host a Seder – Ideas Tips & Trick!

PASSOVER SEDER PLATE! What Goes on a Seder Plate & How to Make One!

Passover GROCERY HAUL!!! Kosher & Organic Food

PASSOVER RECIPE!!! How to Make Matzo Brei with Kids! Kosher for Passover

CELEBRATING PASSOVER VLOG! Pesach Seder & Charoset Recipe

PASSOVER POTATO KUGEL RECIPE!!! Perfect Pesach Seder Side Dish!

And our favorite NEW Passover Song for Kids!

at home
Use my code ‘MYJEWISHMOMMYLIFE’ for 10% off order + free shipping over $50. Good for one use per customer.

How To Get 10K Followers on Instagram!

Building your personal brand and business on Instagram is a huge part of any growth strategy for 2021…but how can you grow as a new or small account to reach 10,000 organic followers?

If you’re ready to level up, you can purchase my COMPLETE GUIDE TO INSTAGRAM GROWTH IN 2021 right here! If you want to know more about what information you’ll find in it, read on!

First let’s be clear about WHY having an organic following is SO important. If your followers are fake, or bots, or people who don’t really care about you and only followed you for a chance to win a giveaway then they won’t be interested in YOU or what your personal brand and business is all about. Also, buying followers is an ALGORITHM KILLER!! Every time you share a post Instagram shows it to a small percentage of your audience. If that audience likes your post (and shows that be liking, commenting or sharing) that signals to the Instagram algorithm to push it out further. So if you have fake followers who won’t be interacting with your content you’ll be killing all your future posts as they’ll never get shared!

What’s the secret to growing organically on Instagram? Create SHAREable content! If you create content that people share with their followers you will have an organic (and FREE!) avenue for reaching new followers. So long as you’re providing something valuable to them – whether that’s entertainment, inspiration or advice on a topic they care about they’ll want to follow you.

Check out this IGTV for more!

One of the things I believe most when it comes to social media is that community is SO MUCH stronger than competition! That’s why I want to give back to YOU with my first tip on where to start.

Define WHO you are and WHY people should follow YOU!

An Instagram profile needs to do two things really clearly – tell people who you are and make them interested in seeing the content you create.

In order to achieve this you need to figure out these two basic ideas and be able to articulate them in just a few words, because that’s all the space there is on your profile!

For inspiration START by looking at your favorite influencers in your niche. Go to their profiles and take note of the information they’re sharing. Look at accounts with 5K-50K followers, larger profiles tend to break the rules or create their own!

If you are trying to grow your personal brand or platform on Instagram I created a simple easy to use 13 page digital download guide to help you build your community online.

This easy to use guide will give you the practical tips and advice you need to grow your Instagram account from zero to 10,000 followers on Instagram, starting right now!

This 13 page digital download guide includes a proven strategy will help you build a personal brand with loyal, engaged followers who not only will be interested in what you post but in what you’re doing beyond the Instagram platform.

Click HERE to purchase the instant Digital Download from my Etsy Store for $10 and start growing your Instagram profile today!

The guide is created by Marion @MyJewishMommyLife

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