My annual Hanukkah gift guide is here! Today I’m sharing the best gifts for the special family and friends in your life. So if you’re looking to shine a little light in someone’s life during these cold and dark winter days, I have just the list for you! First up is kids then SCROLL DOWN for Him & Her!


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  1. Hanukkah wooden toy set $25 – This adorable and high quality wooden toy will allow kids to play with and learn about the symbols of Hanukkah in the home for many years. It allows imaginative play with the cooking latkahs element and helps with dexterity and eye-hand coordination as kids practice putting each candle into its spot on the menorah.
  2. This personalized Hanukkah wall hanging $35 is such a throwback gift to me as I have vivid memories of playing with them when I was younger. This would be perfect for a first Hanukkah gift for a new baby as well as it’s personalized with their name and it’s another to last for many Hanukkahs through the years.
  3. A trampoline $60! Nothing is better for getting all that energy outdoor indoors on a cold winter day!
  4. This Noah’s ark toy $18 is adorable and kids will love the balancing aspect as well as playing with the individual toys.
  5. The Sammy Spider books $5 are classic Jewish holiday books and the silly spider will appeal to little ones who love listening to stories, before bedtime or anytime!
  6. The possibilities for play are endless with Magnatiles $50, these magnetic building blocks are my all time number one pick for a toy that will grow with your child. They are expensive but worth every penny!
  7. If you’ve watched my channel, you’ve heard me talk about the Hape Snail $30, it’s my favorite toy for kids 2 and under. It’s great for learning shapes and colors and also for practicing object permanence and learning to take the toys in and out of the snail.
  8. This is THE Jewish book of the year, Goodnight Bubbala $18 with a launch party hosted by Ina Garten and a recipe inside from her, this has all the makings of a winner. It’s a twist on the Goodnight Moon classic with lots of Yiddish phrases and fun Jewish culture woven in.


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  1. Gary Rosenthal Musical Notes Menora $90 -Gary Rosenthal designs the most gorgeous menorahs, each one is individually made and unique and just such a stand-out piece of Judaica for the home.
  2. Yes it’s another Gary Rosenthal Menorah $70 because he is my absolutely favorite designer of Judaica!
  3. I love the beautiful design of this Olivia Burton Watch $105 and I wear the one I received for my birthday for every special occasion.
  4. These Annieglass Heart Bowls $85 are the perfect luxury gift for a woman who loves to host or just loves to host lovely things in her home!
  5. The perfect cozy book all about how to be cozy at home! It’s a relaxing and enjoyable read and just might change your life too! The Little Book of Hygge $11 is a best-seller and has launched a huge Instagram wave of followers who love this Danish concept of being happy.
  6. Wherever I go I bring my KeepCup $26 with me (and get compliments about whenever I use it!). This chic eco-friendly to-go cup is not only a nicer way to sip your morning coffee on the go, it’s better for the Earth too!
  7. A Turkish towel $25 is like a Swiss Army knife of blankets, it can take you to the beach or on a picnic and is the perfect thing to keep in the back of your car especially with kids!
  8. My favorite travel hair drier $50 works super well and is so freaking cute and of course comes in a cosmetic bag that matches!


hannukah gift guide for him

  1. My favorite Ugg slippers for men $100 to me this is the universal best ‘winter holiday gift’ for anyone!
  2. For the man who walks the dog, who trudges through the snow or who just doesn’t like having cold feet Sperry winter boots $120
  3. I love the sleek look of this Michael Kors watch $100 it’s fashionable yet classic.
  4. I mentioned my KeepCup $26 earlier and I’m mentioning it again because it’s perfect for the eco-conscious man in your life!
  5. If the man in your life is a Malcolm Gladwell fan, and let’s be honest, who isn’t?! He’ll enjoy his newest non-fiction book Talking to Strangers $15
  6. Does your man like whiskey? Does he also like golf? Then your perfect gift is right here. Scotch / Whiskey golf tumbler glasses $25.
  7. Show him you understand his love of tools with a Dewalt tool box, this is the Tumi of tool luggage (I hope that makes sense) but totally manly and well made for actual tool men. $50
  8. Give him the gift of letting him choose the playlist with these Sony bluetooth speakers $50, perfect for outdoor nights by the fire pit or summer grilling.


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It’s the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, for the High Holidays this year I’m sharing 10 Facts about Yom Kippur. So if you want to know why we fast on Yom Kippur, who has to fast on Yom Kippur, why Yom Kippur comes after Rosh Hashanah, what to wear on Yom Kippur and what Yom Kippur is like in Israel then stay tuned! Shanah Tovah 2019!

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