Father’s Day 2021 Gift Ideas!

For all the amazing dads out there, here is my list of my husband’s favorite gifts!

They’re all easily available from Amazon and range in price from less than $10 to $100.

Ok here we go!

Super Hero Dad Book

This is our favorite ‘Dad’ book and tells the story of a little boy who thinks his dad is a superhero. It’s lovable and adorable and a little emotional for any dad to read to his kid.

Extra Long Charging Chord

For the dad who’s phone is always on 10% this extra long charging cable is a must!
Race on my Back Shirt

This shirt is such an amazing idea! Dad gets to lie down and the kids can race cars on his back, which means a free nap and massage lol!
Range Finder

For the golfing pro dad who wants to improve his game and accuracy this range finder is the perfect gift.

Scotch Cubes

For the sophisticated scotch drinker, these ice cube trays make super large sized cubes which take a longer time too melt.

Car Vacuum

This inexpensive gadget is portable and has a USB charger so it fits in the car. It’s perfect for the dad who loves his car but not the car seat crumbs or just the neat freak dad. It’s one of our all time favorite buys!

Stacking Tool Box

This tool box is part of an awesome system of interlocking and stacking toolboxes so dad’s collection can grow and grow! They’re also built super tough strong and long lasting.

Packing Cubes

For the organized dad who likes to travel these packing cubes are the absolute best and the most affordable.

The Ridge Wallet

This super streamlined wallet is all dad needs to keep things light. It’s pricey at $85 but long lasting durable and made of high quality lightweight material.


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