BIBLICAL BIRTH! with RABBI & DOULA Denise – How to Have a Spiritual, Jewish and Empowered Birth

Today I am sharing one of the most interesting birth topics videos – all about how to have a Jewish, spiritual, and empowered birth! These are all tips to helping women deliver through natural and hypnobirthing techniques if that is what she wants, and or just to make the birth experience more personal, spiritual and fulfilling.Here are all of Rabbi Doula Denise’s links: Jewish Doula: For Rabbi Denise’s full profile and work: SUBSCRIBE for MORE Jewish Mom Content:

WHAT I GOT MY SON FOR HANUKKAH! Best Presents for Two Year Old Boy!

This is everything I am giving my son for Hanukkah! Just like the What My Kids are Getting for Christmas Tag this one is Hanukkah themed for my toddler two year old boy. I hope you get some great ideas on the best gifts to give toddlers and kids or Hanukkah!
#Hanukkah #HanukkahPresents #ToddlerToys

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Products Mentioned *Affiliate
BIG GIFT We got him for his Birthday (Ride On TRAIN!)*
Stuffed Torah*
Stuffed Menorah*
Light Up Dreidel* Similar
Train Man Book*
Lego Duplo Set*
Lego Duplo Blocks*
Hot Wheels Gift Set*


It’s Hanukkah Decorating time and I am so exciting to put up all my Hanukkah decorations, most of which I bought this year from Target! If you decorate your home for the holidays tag me on Instagram I would love to see it! @MyJewishMommyLife . I’m so excited to share this part of how me and my family celebrate the holiday of Hanukkah!
#Hanukkah #DecorateWithMe #HolidayDecorating

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